TriviumRLG provides the following strategic services to develop and realize a return on investment of your information assets:

  • Taxonomy, thesaurus and ontology design and development
  • Workshops and training to determine the benefits, potential business solutions, and resource requirements for projects based on or including semantic technologies
  • Strategic analysis and development of semantic technology inclusive projects, including market overview, requirements development, test plan development and usability studies
  • Advisory services for software and human resource selection

Worst Master's Degree for Jobs?

I'm not usually one to shy away from controversy as many friends and colleagues will tell you. Please excuse me while I let off a little steam. Today I saw a post in my G+ feed indicating that the No. 1 Worst Master's Degree for getting a job is ... mine.

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Presidential Innovation Fellows Program - Why I Applied

There is a move afoot in our government to innovate – quickly - with consequences not only for the American people, but the world. This, from the May 23rd White House blog by Todd Park, the US Chief Technology Officer:


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